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Tribute concert to The Doors - 18+

Par Feast of Friends

Friday, August 24th, 2018

Doors open at 7 PM
Show at 8 PM

Tribute concert to The Doors - 18+

Feast of Friends is a tribute concert to the legendary band The Doors. The group was founded at the end of the 90's with 4 professional musicians: Mario Paquin (voice), René Paquin (keys), Christian Scraire (guitar), Demetrio Maso (drums) and William Regnier (drums). Since then, Feats of Friends has been touring in every corner of Quebec, including the Montreal Medley for 12 years. The band offers you a typical concert of The Doors, with all the energy that will transport you back in the 60's.

Opening presented by The Sweater CompanyLes Monsieurs +zouz

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