Club Soda & Le Hall present

Tribute concert to Pink Floyd - 18+

Friday, March 30th, 2018

Doors open at 7 PM
Show at 8 PM

Tribute concert to Pink Floyd - 18+

Echoes has been around since 2005 touring the whole province. They will produce themselves with 7 musicians and video projections that will immerge you into the Pink Floyd experience. Echoes is well known for is quality of sound reproduction, a tribute to see, and see again.


Tribute Club tickets are free up to the day of the show. Tickets may be purchased for $12.75 by phone, online through our website, or at our box office. Customers who have purchased a ticket are guaranteed admission to the show regardless of whether the concert is sold out.
Visit our box office to pick up your free ticket or visit the Free shows section to access your printable copy.

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