Club Soda & Le Hall

Tribute concert to Jimi Hendrix - 18+

+ guests

Saturday, March 31st, 2018

Doors open at 7 PM
Show at 8 PM
Free | To have garanteed access : $12.25 to $12.75
Door: $12.25 to $12.75
Tribute concert to Jimi Hendrix - 18+

What was supposed to be a simple jam in 2010 turned into a full fledged Tribute band. This impressive gathering of musicians will surprise you with their approach of Jimi Hendrix’s work. You will of course be transcended by the all time classics, but what will strike you is the avidity with which BusterEXP digs out the hidden gems from the repertoire. This show is really a guitar hero experience where you will be transported by the best of the Hendrix legacy.


Tribute Club tickets are free up to the day of the show. Tickets may be purchased for $12.75 or more by phone, online through our website, or at our box office. Customers who have purchased a ticket are guaranteed admission to the show regardless of whether the concert is sold out.
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