CHOQ et present

Grosse Soirée #5 - 18+

Thursday, March 29th, 2018

Doors open at 7 PM
Show at 8 PM

Grosse Soirée #5 - 18+

La Grosse Soirée is a concert series you won’t even believe! We present you the best show in town, aimed to all the connoisseur out there looking see niche music, discover new and up and coming artists! And since we truly believe the live experience should be accessible to the biggest audience : presale tickets are free!


The band from La Baie has one and only philosophy: The Aucuncadrisme. They rebuff any type of censorship or encumbrance. The Aucuncadrisme is here manifested like the portrait of the real people, in its daily vulgarity and excesses. The conclusion here is obvious: these musicians are fueled by an unending fire.


Spitting their political poetry on saturated guitars and crackling fuzz, the first album from Les Monsieurs mix loud riffs. After working with Dany Placard to record their most off-the-wall ideas, the band is now really proud to present their new album. This is most likely the most surprizing band we’ll ever present.

CIRRHOSE ET CENDRIER (Lancement d'album)

More musical than political, the efforts the band take this rock into progressivo-punk, via booze-smelling ska. The band will present their awaited new album for the first time in front of an audience, to the upmost pleasure of the lost community, navigating through the vices of every day life.


La Grosse Soirée tickets are free up to the day of the show. You can get free tickets for the show in the Free shows section. Tickets may be purchased for $12.25 + service fees by phone, through our website, or at our box office. Customers who have purchased a ticket are guaranteed admission to the show regardless of whether the concert is sold out.

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